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A Christmas Carol

role: Fred/Young Ebenezer/The Undertaker's Man |DCPA Theatre Company


“I’ve seen many productions of A Christmas Carol over the years, most of them pleasant in a Hallmark card sort of way, none of them memorable. So I’m trying to figure out just what makes this year’s A Christmas Carol, an annual offering at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, such an exhilarating experience. …director Melissa Rain Anderson gives full weight to the shadows in Dickens’s fable, as well as his message about the need for human goodness and generosity in an often grim and frightening world. This doesn’t mean the production is preachy or solemn, or that it lessens the story’s bright magic. ”

—Juliet Wittman , Westword

“Poulos brings warmth and dignity to Fred, who…represents an embodiment of the spirit of Christmas and of Christian virtue…”

—Bob Bows, ColoradoDrama.com

“…the entire production is inspiring…the large cast is without flaw.”

—Tom Jones, Tom’s Colorado Theater Reviews


Adapted by Richard Hellesen
Director: Melissa Rain Anderson
Scenic Design: Vicki Smith
Costume Design by Kevin Copenhaver
Lighting Design: Don Darnutzer
Sound Design by Craig Breitenbach
Choreography by Christine Rowan
Music Direction and Orchestrations by Gregg Coffin

All Photos: Ken Huth and Collin Huth

Cast (2017): Hadley Brown, Latoya Cameron, Kevin Curtis, Michael Fitzpatrick, Peyton Goosen, Sam Gregory, Darrell T. Joe, Chas Lederer, Kyra Lindsay, Brody Lineaweaver, Chloe McLeod, Timothy McCracken, Chris Mixon, Grace Morgan, Leslie O’Carroll, Erik Pinnick, Daniel Plimpton, Jim Poulos, Max Raabe, Tristan Champion Regini, Augie Reichert, Helen Reichert, Jeffrey Roark, Marco Robinson, Christine Rowan, Shannan Steele, Jackie Vanderbeck, Brian Vaughn, Owen Zitek


Cast (2016): Daniel Berryman, Latoya Cameron, Kevin Curtis, Allen Dorsey, Napoleon M. Douglas, Jack Eller, Michael Fitzpatrick, Sam Gregory, Kyra Lindsay, Brody Lineaweaver, Lars Lundberg, Chloe Mcleod, Timothy McCracken, M. Scott McLean, Chris Mixon, Grace Morgan, Leslie O’Carroll, Jim Poulos, Wayne W. Pretlow, Max Raabe, Augie Reichert, Helen Reichert, Jeffrey Roark, Christine Rowan, Shannan Steele, Olivia Sullivent, Jackie Vanderbeck, Brian Vaughn, Owen Zitek

Jim/Tom in Clybourne Park at Geva Theatre Center/Cleveland Play House

Clybourne Park

role: Jim/Tom | Geva Theatre Center/Cleveland Play House (2014)


“Directed by Mark Cuddy, Clybourne Park is a savagely funny, immersive, intimate, visceral, profanity-laced, emotional and superbly acted production.”

—Marcia Morphy, Democrat & Chornicle

“Mark Cuddy directs the Geva cast with great verve and sensitivity to the rhythms of Norris’s language: those stuttering repetitions really mean something. All the cast members do a fine job at changing from their 1959 characters to their 2009 equivalents…”

—David Raymond, City Newspaper, Rochester

“‘Clybourne Park’ will offend you, delight you and, in the Cleveland Play House production under the direction of Geva Theatre Center artistic director Mark Cuddy, break your heart. The ensemble is especially good. The group of eight actors, seven of them playing dual roles, achieves perfect emotional pitch with a script that requires them to pivot from comedy to gut-wrenching tragedy with hairpin precision.”

—Andrea Simakis, The Plain Dealer, Cleveland

“How can an issue charged with deeply serious emotions be presented with so much humor? That’s what you’ll see in “Clybourne Park”… The cast, direction and physical production are all superb.”

—Art Thomas, WestLife, Cleveland

“…this production is as tight as a drum and the acting by Remi Sandri, Roya Shanks, Kristen Adele, Jim Poulos, Jessica Kitchens, Christian Pedersen, Daniel Morgan Shelley and Bernard Bygott is superb.”

—Bob Abelman, Cleveland Jewish News

“Directed by Mark Cuddy, the extremely intelligent, perfect-pitch Play House cast members embrace the deep, profound drama lurking behind every deceptively benign verbal exchange.”

—Howard Gollop, Chronicle-Telegram, Cleveland

“The cast is excellent.…I was fortunate to see Clybourne Park on Broadway and find the Cleveland production equally strong.”

—David Ritchey, Talkin’ Broadway.com, Cleveland

“Clybourne Park is the entire theater package. …great comedic moments… high drama… This is a great cast that gives its all to the performance. See this show.”

—Mark Horning, examiner.com, Cleveland


by Bruce Norris
A co-production between
Geva Theatre Center and
Cleveland Playhouse
Directed: Mark Cuddy
Scenic and Costume Design: G.W. Mercier
Lighting Design: Ann G. Wrightson

All Photos: Ken Huth and Collin Huth

Cast: Kristen Adele, John Cummings, Skip Greer, Jessica Kitchens, Christian Pedersen, Roya Shanks , Daniel Morgan Shelley

Mercutio in Romeo & Juliet at Great River Shakespeare Festival

Romeo & Juliet

role: Mercutio | Great River Shakespeare Festival (2015)


“Both exuberance and inevitable destruction mark Jim Poulos’ dazzling performance as Mercutio. He is Romeo’s best friend, loyal to a fatal fault, but also a partier, jokester, and antagonist. Poulos totally captivates on stage, and it is in contrast to Mercutio’s testosterone-driven bravado that Romeo’s gentle and romantic persona is forged.”
“Doug Scholz-Carlson, Artistic Director of the Great River Shakespeare Festival, has directed this production—splendidly, ferociously—and, moreover, has added his considerable talent as a fight choreographer. …switchblades are the weapon of choice. The fight that ensues is thrillingly presented, both balletic and guttural.”

—Arthur Dorman, Talkin’ Broadway, Minneapolis


by William Shakespeare
Director: Doug Scholz-Carlson
Scenic Designer: R. Eric Stone
Lighting Mentor: Lonnie Alcaraz
Costume Designer: Margaret Weedon
Asst. Costume Designer: Caitlin McCarthy
Lighting Designer: Martha Carter
Sound Designer: Adam Harris
Properties Director: Nikki Kulas
Choreographer: Tarah Flanagan
Fight Choreographer: Doug Scholz-Carlson

All Photos: Ken Huth and Collin Huth

Cast: Caroline Amos, Benjamin Boucvalt. Rosemary Brownlow, Christopher Gerson, Michael Fitzpatrick, Tarah Flanagan, JuCoby Johnson, Chris Mixon, Mike Munson, Jim Poulos, Robert Ramirez, Silas Sellnow, Brian White

Puck – A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Rep Theatre of St. Louis (2014)

A Midsummer Night's Dream

role: Puck | The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis (2014)


“Jim Poulos ties everything together as Robin Goodfellow, also known as Puck. The sprightly actor bounds around the stage and works wonders seeming to do everything but pull a rabbit out of his hat. It’s a remarkable performance that steals a show that’s full of scene-stealing moments from everyone.”

—Steve Allen, Stage Door St. Louis

“Jim Poulos is sensational as the beguiling Puck.”

—Lynn Venhaus, Bellville News-Democrat

“Jim Poulos makes Oberon’s servant Puck both intelligent and fierce in arranging all the mayhem, even when he gets things hopelessly mixed up…Great double-casting at all levels here…”

—Richard Green, Talkin’ Broadway, St. Louis

“Jim Poulos is terrifically mischievous as Puck.”

—Malcolm Gay, Riverfront Times

“…played expertly by Jim Poulos…”

—Emily Scharf, PlaybackStL.com

“…standouts include Poulos as the engagingly mischievous Puck.”

—Michelle Kenyon (SnoopMK), SnoopsTheatreThoughts.com

“Jim Poulos delivers a fine performance as the naughty Puck, aka Robin Goodfellow.”

—Chris Gibson, Broadwayworld.com

“Barnes and his polished cast expertly ‘weave together’ the story’s separate threads.”

—Judith Newmark, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream at The Rep is truly a transporting production. Done with great love, care, energy, humor and beauty, this very determined show quickly engages the audience on a level of colorful imagination and whimsy that is irresistible. The production is uniformly funny…In the last scene, the character of Puck implores the audience in his epilogue to not be put off by the play’s unbridled flights of fancy. “Gentles, do not reprehend: if you pardon, we will mend.” Not a problem, Puck.

—Harry Hamm, KMOX – CBS St. Louis


A Midsummer Night’s Dream
by William Shakespeare
Director: Paul Mason Barnes
Set Design: James Kronzer
Costume Design: Susan Branch Towne
Lighting Design: Lonnie Rafael Alcaraz
Choreographer: Matt Williams

All Photos: ©Photo by Jerry Naunheim Jr.

Cast: Caroline Amos, Landon Tate Boyle, Michael Jean Dozier, Ian Erbe, Alex Godiner, Carl Howell, Ryan Alexander Jacobs, Alvin Keith, Adam Lendermon, Matt Luyber, Kern McFadden, Gracyn Mix, Jeffrey Omura, Jim Poulos, Michael James Reed, Andy Rindlisbach, Ben Stroman, Jerry Vogel, Bob Walton, Rebecca Watson

Bobby in Company at Geva Theatre Center (2012)

Bobby in Company

Geva Theatre Center 2012


“Bobby, played ingratiatingly by Jim Poulos, is malleable in the extreme…it’s easy to underplay Bobby and leave a cipher at the center of the show.  Despite Bobby’s diffident manner and his own white-bread looks, Poulos carries off the portrayal with authority, especially when he struggles to break free in the score’s great soliloquy, ‘Being Alive.’”

—Michael Lasser, Rochester City Paper

“There’s been lots of talk over the years of what a cipher Bobby is, and how he’s asked to do little but react to those around him. Cuddy was wise to cast Jim Poulos. The actor suggested that, like Christopher Isherwood and Cliff Bradshaw before him, he was a camera and that he could be likable…Poulos reiterated that Bobby is a single woman’s dream… This Bobby also seemed to be searching for the right thing to say.”

—Peter Filichia, MTI Marquee: Filichia Features


Geva Theatre Center
Director: Mark Cuddy
Music Direction: Don Kot
Scenic Design: G.W. Mercier
Costume Design: Pamela Scofield
Lighting Design: Joel Moritz
Photos: Ken Huth

Cast: Anne Allgood, Bobby Daye, Nicolette Hart, Leslie Henstock, Jessie Hooker, Kristen Mengelkoch, Ben Roseberry, Bruce Sabbath, Emily Stockdale, Elisa Van Duyne, Kevin Vortmann, and Jeff Williams


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